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When treating addiction, almost all of the attention is focused on the addict. While it’s true that the person struggling with drug or alcohol abuse feels its impact most directly, addiction also negatively affects their friends and family. Lies, secrecy and shame put a strain on even the strongest relationships, and financial or legal troubles can cause a rift to form between loved ones that's difficult to mend. Instead of looking forward to birthday dinners or family gatherings, an addict’s family is left worrying about their safety and wondering if they’re okay.

Unfortunately, these consequences can tear families apart. As addiction takes over, those affected by the actions of their loved one may begin to feel resentful or angry, finding it difficult to start over even after the recovery process has begun. These feelings are understandable, but it is possible for addicts and their families to repair broken relationships and heal together from the harmful effects of addiction with the family therapy program at Choice House.

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ChoiceHousedrums cropped copyHealing from addiction doesn’t happen overnight, just as relationships between addicts and their families aren’t magically restored once their loved one enters treatment. It takes time and effort to rebuild the trust that’s been lost, but doing so will help everyone come to terms with the issues they’re facing and move forward in recovery together.

To support the client and family system in the process of recovery, Choice House offers a family therapy workshop program and rehabilitation weekend in Boulder, Colorado. We know that families are often a great source of strength and support for those in recovery, and that treatment tends to be more successful when the family is involved. Our goal is to help clients and their families come together and rediscover the mutual love, support and respect for one another that’s been jeopardized by addiction. Some of the lessons and topics we cover in our family therapy program include:

  • Letting go of guilt, shame and anger
  • How to improve communication and rebuild trust
  • What can and cannot be controlled
  • How to stop enabling addictive behavior
  • Learning how to recognize and repair a dysfunctional family dynamic
  • Establishing healthy boundaries
  • How to practice good self-care during a loved one’s recovery
  • What to expect from the treatment process
  • Creating a recovery-oriented environment at home
  • Chemical dependency education to better understand the disease of addiction

Discussing these topics in a safe and supportive environment can help clients and their families process their emotions in a healthy way and learn how to enact positive changes that benefit the family unit as a whole. And while it’s important that family members learn how to support their loved one as they heal from addiction, we know that they, too, have been through an emotional and traumatic experience. Addiction upsets the entire family system, but we give families the tools and resources they’ll need to restore a sense of safety, security and well-being in their own relationships.

what to expect from our family program

ChoiceHouse group cropped copyThe Choice House family program is held every six weeks and takes place over the course of three days, usually from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. During this time, family members will explore, identify and address the issues they are facing and develop solutions and action plans that will help the entire family system move into their own recovery, with the goal of rebuilding stronger bonds and more peaceful, connected relationships.

Our three-day program for families is led by our chief clinical officer, Jill Krush (LPC, NCC, CAC III). Jill brings over 15 years of experience working with addiction, families and recovery and specializes in helping individuals, couples, parents, and family members heal from the effects of trauma and substance abuse. Jill utilizes an interactive, solution-oriented approach to recovery and provides practical feedback and support to help families address the issues they’re facing, with personalized techniques that blend traditional and complementary modalities for the best results.

During the family therapy program retreat at our rehab center in Boulder, Jill guides families through an experiential learning process that combines lecture, interactive role-play and group process. The goal of this workshop is to help families better understand what their loved one is going through, recognize harmful relationship dynamics, and learn what they can do to provide support without sacrificing their own health and wellness. Those that have participated in our family therapy program have praised both the workshop and Jill for the difference it has made in their lives while their loved one is in recovery.

who needs family therapy

ChoiceHouse treatment cropped copyWhen a loved one enters rehab for a drug or alcohol addiction, they’re taking a big step toward healing and a better life for themselves and their families. But by this point, the damage has been done and won’t get better on its own. That’s why we offer an intensive three-day workshop for clients and their families — to facilitate open and honest communication and help mend the rift that’s been caused by substance abuse. Our family program is available to family members with a loved one enrolled in our treatment program, including parents, children, siblings, spouses and partners.

We’ve found that family support is crucial to the long-term success of any treatment program, so we highly recommend family therapy for anyone with a loved one in recovery. Not only does the support show the addict that they’re not alone, but it can reinforce healthy coping skills and strategies within families that will promote lasting sobriety long after treatment ends.

virtual family workshop

To keep clients and their families safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, we now offer a virtual family workshop available online. Participants can access the same lectures, group therapy and other techniques utilized in a traditional setting from the safety and comfort of their home, without the need to travel to our rehab center in Boulder, Colorado. Contact our admissions office at 720-577-4422 or to learn more about this offering.

family program schedule


9:00 am – Welcome, introductions, daily meditation

10:00 am – Family Education

10:45 am – Break

11:00 am – Group Process/ Workshop

12:15 - 1:30 pm – Lunch

1:30 pm – Family Exercise

2:45 pm –  Break

3:00 pm  – Family check-in and wrap-up


9:00 am – Welcome, daily meditation, check-in

10:00 am – Family Exercise

10:45 am – Break

11:00 – Family Workshop

12:15 - 1:30 pm – Lunch

1:30 pm – Family Exercise

2:45 pm ­– Break

3:00 pm – Family check-ins and wrap up


9:00 am – Welcome, daily meditation, check-in

10:00 am – Family Exercise

10:45 am – Break

11:00 am – Family Workshop

12:15- 1:30 pm – Lunch

1:30 pm – Workshop

2:45 pm – Break

3:00 pm – Share plans and closing of the weekend


“Jill is an amazing facilitator who allowed my family to have loving and hard conversations within an environment of comfort and confidentiality. Thank you!”

morgan - Morgan

“The family program at Choice House was exceptional and reinforced the hope that I was not able to see. It was a vital step to us reconnecting with our son and continuing on the path of recovery as a family. Jill was amazing, knowledgeable, and gentle in her delivery.”

morgan - Shelley

“The Family Program is an extremely helpful program that I want to apply to all parts of my life - my loved one especially, but also to other people I love and want to support.”

morgan - Jackie

“A part of me thought my family had given up on me a little. After the Family Program, I realize that my family will always be there for me.”

morgan - Michael

“The best part of the Family Program was interacting with other families during the daily sessions of mood and codependent behavior. I was given the tools of support needed to help me.”

morgan - Ernie

learn more about our family program

Navigating recovery for the entire family can be extremely difficult, but the more information and healing you can experience through family therapy will make a difference for you and your loved one. We strongly suggest each family participate in one of these valuable weekend therapy programs at our Boulder-area rehab and recovery center. To learn about our family therapy workshop and how it can help, please contact our admissions coordinator at 720-577-4422 or