What to Expect for 90-Day Residential Treatment

Entering drug treatment is a momentous life step that comes with many changes and uncertainties. The new lifestyle of a sober community leads to many questions that we are happy to address when talking for the first time.

Before our initial conversation, we’d like to address some common questions and concerns that many individuals have before entering 90-Day Residential Treatment at our Denver area addiction rehab facility.

What to expect when entering rehab:

Strong Sense of Community and Brotherhood

Attaining sobriety is not something that should fall on one person’s shoulders. We are all in this fight together and our programs reflect this ideology. While there are certainly times dedicated to one-on-one therapy and mindful reflection, we promote a strong brotherhood among our participants. This brotherhood continues even beyond treatment with our alumni program and activities.

Plenty of Outdoor Therapy

Outdoor adventure therapy is a truly valuable component to healing from drug addiction. Our prime Boulder, Colorado location is in close proximity to the Flatirons, Rocky Mountain National Park, Chautauqua Park and many more scenic areas. Engaging in physical activity in a place that provides connection with nature is a powerful step in the recovery process.

Structured Routine

Rediscovering a sense of normalcy and daily organization is a very important part of reclaiming sobriety and living a healthy lifestyle. Our primary drug and alcohol treatment program places a large amount of focus on a defined daily schedule for optimum productivity and purpose-driven days.

A typical day:

7 - 8 am: drug tests, breakfast & chores

9-11 am: community or outdoor activities, recovery group exercises

11am -12 pm: lunch

12-5pm: outdoor activities, study groups, mindfulness, meditation, personal assignments, and family visitation on Sundays

5-6pm: chef prepared dinner

6-9pm: 12-Step meetings in Boulder or Denver or community focused night

9-10pm: community study group

10pm – B/A, nightly routine

Holistic Healing Model

We know that addiction is not an isolated issue – it oftentimes results from pre-existing mental illnesses or creates additional issues that need to be addressed. Either way, the presence of co-occurring disorders is extremely common and something we place strong emphasis on when treating an individual in our 90-Day Residential Treatment program. This is also known as dual diagnosis.

Wide Array of Addictions Treated

Our staff is expertly trained to treat a wide array of addictions. Our programs address the following:

Learn more about each of these substances.

Have more questions about what to expect during primary treatment? You can also check out our FAQ or contact the Choice House admissions team today: 720-577-4422 or hello@choicehouse.com.

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