Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Rehabilitation Center for Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Boulder, CO

Cocaine addiction often coincides with other substance addictions. For example, those who struggle with alcoholism may also frequently use cocaine as a stimulant to combat the depressive effects of the alcohol. Additionally, many individuals who struggle with cocaine addiction are dealing with a co-occurring disorder, meaning that their drug addiction is a result of a mental disorder like bipolar disorder, depressions, or schizophrenia.

Cocaine, like many drugs, leads to a chemical dependency that requires the support of a strong medical and behavioral team to guide the withdrawal process. During withdrawals, individuals may experience strong feelings of depression and anxiety that contrast heavily from how they felt during cocaine highs. In order to completely leave cocaine addiction in the past, individuals need a structured drug treatment program.

The Choice House Approach to Cocaine Addiction

The road to recovery starts with a strong and supportive community of individuals united by the same goal of achieving long-term sobriety. Our Boulder, CO cocaine addiction and drug abuse treatment programs, and sober living homes offer a unique environment for the entire drug rehab process. Participants begin with our 90-day treatment program, where they will experience group and individual therapies, outdoor adventure therapy, attention from clinical staff, and drug treatment plans that fit each person’s specific needs.

As individuals move further along the road of recovery from their cocaine addiction and complete the 90-day treatment program, they are encouraged to continue with our structured sober living program and Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program (IOP). These Denver area drug rehab programs are important for transitioning back into independent living. Participants have the option to live onsite or live independently and attend our evening drug therapy programs. This program includes a 12-Step program focus and is designed to help individuals fully recover from cocaine addiction and live healthy lives of long-lasting sobriety.

Alumni of our Boulder County cocaine addiction and drug abuse treatment programs are encouraged to stay in touch to support one another following the initial drug treatment phase.

Many alumni of Choice House have conquered cocaine addiction to leave meaningful sober lives. Explore Boulder, CO cocaine addiction and drug abuse treatment programs, as well as sober living options by contacting our admissions coordinator at 720-577-4422 or