Meth Rehab Treatment

Meth Rehab Center in Boulder, CO

Methamphetamine, commonly referred to as meth, is considered to be one of the most deadly and addictive illegal drugs. Meth severely attacks the nervous system, leading to imbalances in the brain that require special attention during the detox process. A meth drug addiction has extreme consequences and requires a strong team of clinical and mental health professionals to begin the addiction recovery process.

Part of the reason meth is so dangerous is that it is extremely addictive after just one time of use. Those who have used meth often find themselves unrecognizable over time due to the serious side effects, including decaying teeth, bodily sores, hallucinations, etc. In order to regain full physical and mental health free of meth addiction, individuals should go through a structured drug treatment program.

The Choice House Approach to Meth Addiction

When entering our Boulder, Colorado meth rehab center for drug treatment programs, individuals will be greeted with compassion and brotherhood so they can start the drug treatment process in a positive environment. Our team understands the extreme difficulty of recovering from meth addiction and has taken many steps to ease this transition process. Individuals will start drug treatment programs at our meth rehab center in Boulder, Colorado with our 90-day treatment program, where they will undergo extensive group and individual counseling, as well as clinical support when needed. Nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, individuals will engage in outdoor adventure therapy and several hours of activity each week.

Following the initial 90-day treatment program, individuals have the option to continue to our Intensive Outpatient program (IOP), while living in our Boulder sober living homes. During this phase of drug addiction treatment, participants will follow the moral principles outlined by the 12-Step Program to attain structure and purpose in their lives. The trained therapists and counselors at Boulder meth rehab center will work with participants to create detailed plans for long-term sobriety and offer career advice for integrating back into civilian life after leaving drug rehab.

Many individuals have found peace, health and long-lasting sobriety after leaving Choice House’s Boulder, Colorado meth rehab center and completing our drug treatment program. Explore Boulder drug rehab and sober living options by contacting Admissions: 720-577-4422 or