Repairing Connections and Fostering Support: Why We Believe in Our Family Program

Any family that has experienced the pains of addiction understands just how much strain has been put on the intra-family relationships. Trust has been broken, walls have been put up, and hurtful things have likely been said.

Our Boulder, Colorado drug treatment center doesn’t solely focus on the individual undergoing rehabilitation. We fully understand that recovery goes beyond the person struggling with addiction – it means repairing relationships with those closest to us.

We host our Family Program every 1-2 months to give family members of our participants the chance to come together and rebuild the bonds that have been damaged by addiction. We strongly believe in the power of this three-day workshop and have seen great success come from it. Here are only some of the reasons why our Family Program is so effective:

Facilitated by Nationally Recognized Therapist Jill Krush

For years, Jill Krush, MS, LPC, NCC, CAC III, has facilitated our Family Program. Jill recently joined the team full time as our Chief Clinical Officer and brings with her a wealth of experience in the addiction field. A nationally recognized licensed therapist, her areas of expertise include healing from trauma; working with teens, families, couples, and parents; substance use and abuse, codependency, women’s issues, and depression and anxiety. With compassion and understanding, Jill works with each person to help them build on their strengths and attain personal growth.

Diverse Sessions Within the Program

Our Family Program includes a diverse lineup of activities and sessions that cover all areas of the family dynamic. The program involves lectures, interactive role play, group processes and more ways of resolving the issues that have been caused by addiction.

Delves Deep to Discover Root Issues

Sometimes we all just need to set aside the time and space to take an honest look at issues within the family. With the facilitation of our licensed therapists, our Family Program provides that opportunity in a constructive, safe environment. Not only do we focus on solving problems that have arisen, but we also make sure participants know how much their families love and care for them – an important realization during the recovery process.

Positive Feedback from Participants

The main reason we know our Family Program works is because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback we hear. These are just a few testimonials from one of our 2019 programs:

“This was an extremely helpful program that I will try to apply to all parts of my life – my loved one especially, but also to other people I love and want to support.” – Jackie

“A part of me thought my family had given up on me a little. After the Family Program, I realize that my family will always be there for me.” – Michael

“The best part of the Family Program was interacting with other families during the daily sessions of mood and codependent behavior. I was given the tools of support needed to help me.” – Ernie

We host our Family Program every 1-2 months so each Choice House participant’s family will have a couple of opportunities to attend during their loved one’s 90-day treatment program. See when the next program is scheduled, and always feel free to reach out to us directly with any questions: 720-577-4422 or




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