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Choice House is unique in its set up for addiction recovery treatment as it has both inpatient and outpatient services, as well as a sober living campus. Not only can we help recovery patients achieve and maintain sobriety through either 90 day inpatient services or our intensive outpatient program, but we also can assist men as they transition back to daily work and social life through our sober living campus. The sober living campus at Choice House is just one more step we take to provide men in early recovery with the extra support, accountability, and community atmosphere necessary to make that transition as smooth as possible.  

Once initial sobriety is achieved, much of the remainder of addiction recovery treatments–the various therapeutic modalities, lessons in self-care, and levels of accountability–are focused on transitions. It is important to remember that those transitions will not only affect you as a patient in addiction recovery, they will also have an immediate effect on your family.

An Important First Step Toward Reconciliation

Transitioning into your new sober life can be difficult, and that process is only made even more complicated when unresolved family issues come into play. That is exactly why at Choice House we conduct a three-day family therapy program that is held every six weeks. Led by our chief clinical officer, Jill Krush, LPC, NCC, CAC III, the program allows families to address the elephant in the room–addiction, substance misuse, and the fallout from both–in a safe, judgement-free environment. 

Family therapy allows Jill to bring her 15 years of experience in addiction recovery therapy to you and your loved ones by creating an open dialogue. Generally speaking, what goes unsaid or is implied between partners and even children will only fester and grow into much larger issues. Effective communication and increased empathy are the keys to beginning to address and resolve the potentially damaged relationships that have occurred as a direct result of addiction and substance use disorders.  

Owning up to the destructive effects that your addiction has had on the lives of those you love the most is no easy feat, and this may be one of the first of many difficult reconciliations you make in addiction recovery. If you still have doubts about family therapy sessions, we will add that the inherent difficulty that most people have in effectively communicating their thoughts and emotions alone is enough of a reason to attend. Addiction doesn’t just affect the individual, it also impacts family dynamics and relationships, so, while it may be difficult, attending one of our three day family sessions is an important piece of the addiction recovery puzzle.  

Benefits From Participating in Family Therapy

Unlike an intervention, family therapy is not all doom, gloom, and wagging fingers while you accept responsibility for the mistakes that you’ve made. Quite the contrary. Family therapy is an opportunity to create a safe space for family members to engage in honest dialogue, learn new skills, and resolve issues under the guidance of a trained therapist. It sets up a foundation for an honest approach to your newfound sobriety and recovery once you return home. 

By bringing your family together and beginning to have an open dialogue about your addiction recovery, you will also be sharing your success in sobriety with them. So much time in active addiction is spent hiding or lying about substance use, and the chance to be open and honest about your struggles can be a huge relief instead of a shameful burden. It is a chance for each person to unburden themselves and come together for a common purpose.

Addiction recovery is about learning to forgive–but not forget–the mistakes that you’ve made in the past and to learn how to live a happy, healthy life free of substance use. Family therapy is about coming together to repair damaged relationships and rebuild trust so that everyone’s lives can be better. Patients in early recovery quickly come to realize that their family can be a significant source of inspiration and support in maintaining their sobriety and a  safe and healthy home environment is critical to transitioning into a sober lifestyle outside of the confines and accountability of a rehab program.


If you are actively seeking treatment for an addictive disorder and feel you would benefit from a family therapy program, Choice House could be the addiction recovery partner you have been looking for to meet all your treatment needs. We offer men the opportunity to reclaim their lives as sober individuals through our 90 day inpatient services, intensive outpatient program, and transition-based sober living campus. Utilizing a variety of both traditional and alternative therapeutic modalities, Choice House meets personally with each recovery patient to outline a treatment program specific to their individual needs. From behavioral therapy and group/individual sessions to outdoor wilderness therapy and our wolf/animal therapy program, we have developed a diverse number of therapies to meet the needs of every client. The Choice House campus is ideally situated between the bustling city of Louisville and the Rocky Mountain State Park, allowing recovery patients to experience the best of both worlds. While transitioning on our sober living campus or undergoing one of our outpatient services, recovery patients have easy access to work and social activities that the city provides. And with the Rocky Mountains literally in our background, they also get to enjoy the quiet solitude of reconnecting with nature, themselves, and their fellow recovery patients. At Choice House, we believe in helping men create a new foundation of love and understanding through hard work, lasting bonds of friendship, and self-care in order to achieve long term sobriety. To find out more information about Choice House addiction recovery programs, give us a call at (303-578-4977.

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