Alcoholism Rehab Treatment

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

In the United States, alcohol is omnipresent. From parties and bars to social gatherings, men and women everywhere use alcohol as a way to let loose and relax or cope with stress. While most people can stop at one or two drinks, those who are prone to addiction may have trouble moderating their alcohol intake. And since the prevalence of alcohol has normalized harmful drinking patterns, it isn’t always easy to tell when someone is struggling. This can have dire consequences for those affected by alcoholism, as the effects of heavy drinking can add up quickly if they go unchecked.

At Choice House, we’re all too familiar with the havoc that alcohol addiction can wreak. We’ve seen it before — in mothers, fathers, friends and neighbors. From professionals to college students, alcoholism doesn’t discriminate. And since COVID-19, more people than ever are turning to the bottle to cope with the stress of daily life. That’s why we provide structured and supportive rehab programs for alcohol addiction at our sober living center in Boulder, Colorado. Because with the right care, you or your loved one can finally break free from the cycle of alcohol addiction and achieve lasting sobriety.

Recognizing When to Get Help

Drinking is so common that it can be hard to tell when it’s become a problem. Millions of Americans use alcohol each day, and almost a third of drinkers report binge drinking in the past month. This puts them at greater risk of becoming addicted or experiencing health problems such as alcohol poisoning, blackouts and liver damage. Binge drinking is defined as consuming five or more drinks within two hours, and heavy drinking is binging at least five times a month. If your alcohol use is at this level and it's beginning to interfere with daily life, or you’re unable to cut back despite repeated attempts, it could signify that you or a loved one has a drinking problem. Other signs of alcohol abuse include:

  • Being unable to have just one drink or control alcohol consumption
  • Isolating from friends and family to spend more time drinking
  • Using alcohol to deal with stress or escape from daily life
  • Being unable to fulfill normal duties or responsibilities (work, take care of family, etc.)
  • Financial or legal problems as a result of drinking too much
  • Frequent intoxication at work, school, or other inappropriate times
  • Hiding alcohol around the house or at work
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not drinking

If you see these signs in yourself or someone you care about, don’t hesitate to reach out for help immediately. Alcohol abuse is hard on the body, and the consequences of excessive drinking may include long-term health problems like heart disease, liver damage, stomach ulcers, pancreatitis, memory loss and more. Although many of the effects of long-term alcohol use can be reversed, some damage may be permanent, so seeking professional help is crucial to prevent further harm to the mind and body.

Alcoholism Treatment Center in Boulder, CO

Alcohol addiction is one of the most common types of substance abuse that our country faces. With the social acceptance and widespread availability of alcohol, it’s not hard to believe that more than 18 million people nationwide are dealing with alcoholism. Alcohol addiction can lead to an array of health issues and impaired functioning, as well as social, financial or professional difficulties.

Our team at Choice House recognizes the harmful impact that alcohol can have on individuals and their families. Our structured and supportive rehab programs for alcohol addiction at our sober living center in Boulder, Colorado, can help those struggling with alcoholism overcome these challenges and reclaim a healthy, sober lifestyle. We believe that effective drug or alcohol rehab combines connection, community and strong moral principles to support a strong foundation for lasting recovery, and our programs encompass these ideals at every turn. Our alcohol treatment center in Boulder also comprises an experienced sober living team that is united in the goal of helping each client overcome their drug or alcohol addiction with personalized care that goes above and beyond to meet their needs.

The Choice House Approach to Alcohol Addiction

Lasting recovery in our Boulder sober living center starts with meaningful alcohol treatment and rehab options that are tailored to each individual.

Participants in our 90-day rehab and alcohol treatment program in Colorado experience healing through a variety of means. Our addiction and trauma-certified clinical staff provides treatment options for alcoholism and co-occurring disorders that are specific to each individual’s needs. Throughout the several phases of recovery at our rehab facility, participants will engage in revitalizing outdoor therapy in the heart of the Rocky Mountains and engage in group and individual therapies, life skills development and relapse prevention planning for the future. Some of the other modalities we use include:

Choice House’s alcohol treatment center and rehab program in Boulder, Colorado, continues with a structured sober living option to help clients transition back into everyday life. This alcohol rehabilitation program offers a 12-step foundation and includes several types of therapy, such as process and art therapy, and resume or career support to assist with integration back into society. While in our sober living program, the close proximity to downtown Louisville in Boulder County and the nearby Rocky Mountain National Park provide ample opportunities to explore new interests and get outdoors, helping clients rediscover the joy in life for a meaningful recovery experience.

Those in our structured sober living homes also participate in our intensive outpatient program (IOP), a 12-week program that allows participants to work full-time or attend school while still getting the clinical support they need. Choice House’s IOP provides a flexible treatment option without sacrificing quality, helping those who are ready achieve long-lasting sobriety from drug or alcohol addiction.

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Alcoholism affects countless individuals and families. The impact can be devastating, from long-term health or legal problems to damaged relationships that are difficult to repair. With the right help, it is possible to break the cycle of alcohol addiction and achieve the healthy, sober life that you or your loved one deserves. To learn more about Choice House’s recovery programs in Boulder, Colorado, and explore your treatment or sober living options, contact our admissions team today at 303-578-4977 or