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At Choice House, we use a variety of therapeutic modalities to treat addiction disorders and co-occurring mental health issues through three basic recovery programs. There is the 90 day inpatient treatment and two options for an intensive outpatient program. The two outpatient programs themselves vary mainly between whether recovery patients choose to reside on or off campus.

Each of the therapeutic modalities are based on the specific recovery treatment program you choose, but on average, recovery patients are capable of receiving all methods of treatment no matter if they select the inpatient or outpatient program. Of course some modalities such as wilderness therapy may end up being utilized more regularly by inpatient services, but for the most part there is some natural overlap and interplay between the therapy modalities that makes them beneficial for all three of Choice House’s recovery treatment programs.

You might be asking yourself: if all methods of therapy are applicable to all three treatment programs, then why would you choose outpatient services over inpatient?

Outpatient services are generally considered a preferred option for recovery patients who are further along in the process of sober living or for those who can not completely upend their lives with a 90 day inpatient treatment. Here at Choice House, we understand that addiction can happen in all walks of life and that not everyone can take 90 days out of their schedule for inpatient treatment, as bills have to be paid, jobs need to be worked, and children need to be cared for, etc.

We understand that addiction is enough of a disruptive force in your life and that you do not need any additional stressors to add to your already unsettling addictive disorders. That is why we offer intensive, transition-based outpatient treatment programs to adapt to the busy lifestyles of every individual. And do not worry, the goal of each of our recovery programs remains the same–being able to provide recovery patients with the same Choice House quality recovery treatment no matter which program you choose.

What Is Outpatient Treatment?

Aside from residing at home or at Choice House’s sober living campus, outpatient programs differ slightly from inpatient programs in that more focus is placed on the actual transition process of leaving rehab and re-entering the community with a new sober lifestyle. 

This focus involves not only achieving sobriety but teaching you the skills and tools necessary to maintain that sobriety outside of the safe and controlled environment of a rehab facility. In outpatient treatment, recovery patients are taught how to deal with triggers as well as how to create their own structure for self-care in the outside world.

Other than sobriety maintenance, the outpatient programs, like the inpatient services provided by Choice House, help recovery patients deal with co-occurring mental health issues through individual and group therapy methods. During outpatient services, patients can really get the chance to dig in to these mental health issues to form a better understanding about their addiction disorders.

What to Expect as a Choice House Outpatient Client

On the sober living campus at Choice House, recovery patients can expect an active community of men working toward the goal of maintaining their sobriety. Each patient is given their own private room and access to an onsite gym and rec room. Outpatient treatment on campus allows for a greater degree of freedom, like the ability to work and socialize outside the rehab facility, for those in treatment with the added guidance and structure that is integral to maintaining sobriety in early recovery.

Choice House utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing, 12-Step facilitation, and meditation/mindfulness techniques to help patients learn the skills to maintain their recovery and prevent potential relapses. One of the biggest gains that recovery patients in outpatient programs would not receive on their own is access to Choice House’s weekly evening groups for processing and support of addiction disorders that occur every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5:30 – 8:30 pm.

As far as an actual week-by-week schedule, outpatient services provide the previously mentioned group therapy sessions as well as individual therapy meetings with an experienced therapist. Recovery patients can also look forward to an increased level of accountability as well as the love and support of an active male community of fellow recovery patients.

Benefits of Outpatient Treatment

The major benefit of outpatient treatment programs is gaining real world experience in being sober with the guidance, accountability, and structure of a rehab program. The downside, if there really is any, is that a recovery patient’s sobriety is now very much up to them during outpatient treatment. That can be an intimidating proposition, but with outpatient treatment at Choice House, you have a reliable partner in the experienced staff as well as the community of men in recovery that our entire program fosters.


If you are looking for an outpatient recovery program in the Boulder County, Colorado area, Choice House’s intensive outpatient services may be the right program for you. We offer a measure of accountability, support, and training to help recovery patients achieve and maintain sobriety outside of a controlled, safe rehab environment. With Choice House outpatient services, you get the same male community bonding through evening group therapy sessions three times a week as well as individual one on one therapy sessions. In addition to our intensive outpatient program and sober living campus, we offer a  90 day inpatient treatment program that utilizes various therapeutic modalities with a focus on providing a foundation of love and empathy to help recovery patients create a lifestyle that promotes lifelong sobriety. One of the aspects that makes Choice House ideal for both inpatient and outpatient clients is its prime location, just minutes from the bustling city life of Louisville and only a few steps from the Rocky Mountain National State Park. Recovery patients can reconnect with themselves and nature while still having access to potential work and social opportunities. If the intensive outpatient or inpatient programs detailed here sound like an ideal treatment program for you, give us a call at (720) 577-4422 to find out more information.

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