Dating After Rehab: 5 things to keep in mind

Returning to normal life following rehabilitation involves many significant transitions, some of which are challenging, exciting or a little bit of both. Along with getting back into the workforce and finding stable housing, reentering the dating scene is a large step in reclaiming one’s life following drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Starting a relationship following recovery is a positive milestone many look forward to reaching. However, it is important to enter this phase cautiously in order to maintain a healthy connection with your significant other. Here are just a few pointers to keep in mind:


  1. Wait Before Dating After Rehab

Of course, every person is different and needs to act on their own timeline but spending at least one year of sobriety single is a good guideline that works for most people. During this time, reclaim passions and get reacquainted with yourself before entering a relationship. Plus, when dating too soon after recovery, you run the risk of turning that person into your addiction, which can be detrimental to yourself and the relationship.


  1. Achieve a Sense of Stability Before Dating

Setting up a relationship for stability first starts with setting up yourself for stability after drug rehab. Before bringing another person into your life, get settled with a stable job, attain financial stability and find stable housing. If your personal life is tumultuous when starting a relationship, it can put too much pressure on the relationship to be the only source of stability.


  1. Find Someone Who Also Does Not Use Drugs or Alcohol

At Choice House, we strongly advocate surrounding yourself with individuals who are also choosing to live out sobriety in their daily lives. If your significant other has a dependency on drugs or alcohol, your chances of relapsing are much higher. Eliminate the temptation to start drinking or using drugs again by dating someone who respects your choice to live a sober lifestyle.


  1. Be Honest About Your Addiction Recovery

If casually dating evolves into a serious relationship, it is important to be honest with the person about your addiction and recovery. Having this level of openness builds trust in a relationship, especially when your recovery journey is a large part of your life. If the person is judgmental after learning this about you, they may not be the best person for a long-term partner.


  1. Don’t Date Someone from Your Recovery “Safe Zone”

We’ve all heard that dating someone from your workplace is a bad idea. Similarly, it can be dangerous to date someone from your recovery “safe zone,” such as a 12-Step community. While it is important to find community through these programs, dating someone is a whole different territory. If the relationship ends poorly, one or both of you may cut ties with the community, thus causing you to lose this valuable support space.


Dating after rehabilitation is only one of the many exciting aspects of sober living. If you or a loved one is in need of drug or alcohol treatment, learn more about our Boulder drug treatment program or contact us today at 720-577-4422 or

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