Drug and Alcohol Interventionist – Helping Individuals Overcome Addiction

Drug and Alcohol Interventionist – Helping Individuals Overcome Addiction


Located in Boulder, Colorado, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the 90-day residential program for men at Choice House gives clients from all walks of life the chance to heal from addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Whether they’ve battled addiction before or this is their first time seeking help for substance abuse, we work closely with each client to develop an individualized recovery plan that gets to the root of their addictive behavior and breaks the cycle of dependence on drugs or alcohol.

To accomplish this, we combine proven modalities, experiential therapies and long-term support to help men further their recovery and establish an unyielding foundation for lasting sobriety. Strengthened by outdoor therapy and a thriving recovery community, our residential program is also backed by an experienced addiction and trauma-certified clinical staff who create a positive, healthy environment to aid in the healing process. We know there’s more to overcoming addiction than sobriety, so our goal is to provide a deeply therapeutic experience that goes above and beyond to help men find new meaning in their lives and regain the health, confidence and drive they’ll need to thrive in recovery.

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What is Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment is a form of recovery in which clients live on-site for the duration of the program. Also known as inpatient care, residential treatment is often the best choice for those struggling with long-term substance abuse or mental health problems, providing the opportunity to focus on healing without distractions or temptations. While in a residential program, clients are immersed in a recovery-oriented environment that provides 24/7 access to medical care, counseling, mental health care and more, ensuring a deeply therapeutic experience that lays the groundwork for lasting sobriety. Residential treatment also surrounds clients with like-minded peers who are also pursuing recovery, giving them the chance to connect with others and build strong, healthy relationships based on mutual support.

The Choice House 90-day residential program for men in Boulder, Colorado, does all of this and more. Our unique approach incorporates both experiential and evidence-based modalities, with an emphasis on outdoor adventure therapy that helps clients rediscover a sense of self, strength and well-being as they heal through nature. Just minutes from the Rocky Mountains, our location provides the perfect opportunity to take recovery outdoors for an enriching experience that fosters introspection, renewed vitality and a positive mindset, improving the long-term outcome for all clients no matter where they’re at in their recovery.

Is Residential Treatment Right for Me?

Residential treatment is an effective solution for individuals struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety or trauma. By providing a recovery-oriented environment without the distractions of daily life, those in residential care can fully engage in the recovery experience and focus on healing like never before. To get the most out of an inpatient program, however, clients should be stabilized and detoxed from all drugs and alcohol before beginning treatment. Ideal clients for the 90-day residential care program at Choice House include men who:

  • Have completed a detox program
  • Require long-term care, structure and support
  • Have not been successful in other levels of care (PHP, IOP, etc.)
  • Are at risk of relapse or overdose
  • Struggle with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorder
  • Are ready to commit to a life free from drugs or alcohol
  • Want to form lasting bonds of brotherhood in a gender-specific program

Residential Treatment at Choice House

Residential treatment at Choice House is a highly personalized experience, with customized treatment plans designed according to each client’s needs, treatment goals and overall progress. To ensure top-quality care no matter where each client is in their recovery, our inpatient program is structured in phases and has been highly successful in treating men struggling with both addiction and alcoholism.

In the first and second phases of our inpatient rehab program, individuals participate in more than 20 hours of active therapy each week, following a treatment plan that is personalized to meet their unique needs. Clients also have access to several fitness centers available for daily use and benefit from an outdoor treatment component that has been shown to improve mental health, reduce stress and reinforce healthy habits. Our premier outdoor therapy program includes trips to the Rocky Mountains to explore all they have to offer, and clients spend their time outdoors hiking, cross-country skiing or fly fishing, depending on the season.

During the third phase of our residential program, clients will collaborate with their therapists and support staff to create a plan to move forward in recovery and achieve their individual goals and objectives. As clients get a handle on their addiction and prepare to transition into a lower level of care, our team will help them find work, establish a weekly schedule, and draft a relapse prevention plan to ensure lasting sobriety as they return to their daily lives.

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program highlights

  • Communication in relationships
  • Conflict resolution and stress management techniques
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
    • Mindfulness
    • Interpersonal effectiveness
    • Distress tolerance
    • Emotion regulation
  • EMDR
  • Life skills
  • Relationships
  • Relapse prevention
  • Somatic experiencing
  • Stress management techniques
  • 12-Step Facilitation
  • Outside community 12-Step meetings



“I want to thank you and the rest of the Choice team for taking such good care of our son over the last 90 days. I think Choice House was just what he needed: a safe place to continue his recovery surrounded by a highly professional and caring staff. That starts with you and works its way down. I think you made more progress with him in 90 days than others have done in years. I just want to thank you again and express to your team the heartfelt appreciation of Anne and me.”

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– Brian S.

I was so fortunate to find Choice House to continue my recovery. It was the perfect place to transition back into society, which includes all of the step work and therapy that was provided. The people I met there were great and they definitely played a major role in my recovery… At Choice House, I was able to be a full-time student at CU-Boulder. All the other sober houses I looked at would not allow me to take all of my classes. I am grateful to have found Choice House because without it, I would probably be somewhere getting high. The house is so nice and clean, which is pleasantly different than what I was used to when I was getting high all the time. It helped me retrain myself to be a contributing member of society and live a clean and healthy life.”

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 – Darren M.

“Choice House was an essential piece to my current sobriety. I stayed at Choice House for 6 months while enduring through the loss of a family member. Having a safe place and in-house meetings helped me get through the unimaginable while recovering from my own addictions. I felt very comfortable in their upscale, nice living environment. I would recommend Choice House to anyone who needs help. I am forever grateful for my time at Choice House.”

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 – Matthew D.

“My experience at the Choice House was so important to my recovery. I have grown to love the staff and people that live there. The expertise and environment is perfect for people with the real disease of addiction and or alcoholism. I made an investment in my future through living there. I’ll never forget when the obsession to use and drink was removed the peace I felt being able to sit underneath the stars out at the Choice House.”

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 – Scott V.

What Happens After Residential Care?

Ongoing support and care is an important aspect of sustainable recovery. Transitioning back into the real world is full of challenges, temptations and triggers that can threaten newfound sobriety, and learning how to navigate these obstacles can be difficult at first. That’s why at Choice House, we offer clients the option to move into our outpatient care program or long-term structured sober living after completing residential treatment, depending on their needs and readiness.

Transitional care gives clients the opportunity to apply their new coping skills in daily life and resume school, work and other responsibilities with continued support from a treatment program. During this time, our staff will also work with clients to arrange necessary additional services with professional consultants, physicians, and therapists from the Boulder and Denver areas to ensure they succeed in this next phase of their recovery. Many clients find the ongoing structure helpful as they venture into unknown territory and explore a new, independent life without drugs or alcohol, and know that they’re not alone on this journey.

In addition to providing transitional levels of care at Choice House, we also have an alumni program to help clients stay connected and engage with our recovery community. In our alumni program, clients can receive support, help or guidance whenever they need it or participate in a number of sober events and outings. Research shows that a strong support network is crucial to sustainable recovery, and even just having someone to talk to can reinforce positive coping skills and help clients stay on track long after returning home.

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Beginning a residential treatment program is no easy task, and clients who decide to do so show a tremendous amount of strength and bravery as they sail into uncharted waters. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, don’t hesitate to reach out and learn more about our recovery programs for men in Boulder, Colorado. To find out how Choice House can change the trajectory of your life, contact or call us today at 720-577-4422.

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