Why Does Building Trust With a Healthcare Professional Matter?

Why Does Building Trust With a Healthcare Professional Matter?

Treatment is the first step to getting onto the road to recovery, and this takes dedication, work, and endurance. Along the way, you will develop meaningful relationships with healthcare professionals to help you through this process. Building a relationship and putting trust in your healthcare professionals will make for a much more comfortable and secure experience. 

The comfort in knowing that someone is here for you during trying times can be very motivating. Additionally, developing relationships with healthcare professionals also provide foundational skills that you can continue to build on when healing and forming other relationships in your recovery. Let’s look at why building trust with a healthcare professional matters.

Rebuilding Trust

When actively using substances, your social circle likely changed to accommodate your addiction. As a result, you may have isolated yourself from the friends and family that care about you and replaced them with friends who support your addiction. However, because these relationships’ primary goal is to attain substances, trust is minimal, and you and others can turn to dishonest behaviors. Such relationships are toxic and only feed your negative thoughts and behaviors. You might even deceive people who love you or take advantage of them by taking money and not paying them back.

Treatment is the beginning of helping you overcome your addiction and getting back in touch with the person you truly are. Being able to seek support from a professional at a treatment center and being in an environment where people are working to put your health needs first can help you rebuild trust with others. In these early stages, you will begin to learn how to open up and talk honestly with people rather than holding in secrets. These conversations help develop social skills that are important for rebuilding relationships when you are on the road to recovery.

Taking Recovery Seriously

Sharing your emotions and traumas with a professional will naturally create stronger feelings of security, trust, and comfort. When you begin to develop more trust with professionals at your facility, you will feel a new sense of depth added to your overall recovery. Seeing your sobriety manifest brings your life of recovery into focus, and you will no longer imagine what could be because you are living through the healing process. Having these realizations will help you become even more serious about how you want to lead your recovery. It will also help you feel self-confident and empowered. When you take your recovery seriously, you improve your outlook on goals to help you develop into the person you want to become. It begins with knowing that you have people in your network to help you and hold you accountable.

Creating a Safe Space

Having discussions with family and friends regarding your addiction and your trauma can become emotional and even aggressive. Family members sometimes tend to experience anger and resentment when the people they love are using substances. It can be especially true if you have lied, stolen, or taken advantage of their good intentions to help yourself. Therefore, the trust they have for you diminishes. They might not believe that what you are saying to them is true, and, ultimately, your family needs time for you to show them that you have changed.

Having a safe place to go and talk with health professionals and peers who are not your family helps you open up about things that you may not be comfortable telling others about. Health professionals provide safe spaces and will not judge you or hold your past against you. Instead, they will offer supportive and constructive feedback for you. Of course, in both individual and group settings, all conversations are confidential and meant to help guide you toward positive steps. The tools attained in these interactions will become the tools that help you develop a lasting foundation for your recovery. 

Knowing That You’re Not Alone

Knowing you have a support system in treatment can be very reassuring. It is especially true for those in early recovery who may not have developed the emotional range to start building a strong support network. Ultimately, having someone to talk to and relate to help significantly during the healing process. Many recovery centers also offer counselors who are also in recovery and have shared experiences similar to yours. Taking advantage of their insight and advice will remind you of all the success and potential you have waiting for you. Continuing to build relationships with professionals and peers will afford you the trust in knowing that you always have support to fall back on. 

Building trust with a healthcare professional at a treatment center can be the foundational element for helping you flourish and grow in relationships throughout your recovery. You don’t have to go through your journey to recovery alone. At Choice House, we work specifically to meet the needs of men by using various conventional and alternative approaches to care that speak to men’s needs. We also provide an excellent staff that will guide you through all the nuances of treatment and makes you feel at home. Our goal is to help you feel as safe and comfortable as possible and, when you are ready, we can work on helping you rebuild relationships with family and fellow peers at Choice House. Located in the foothill region of the Rocky Mountains, you’re sure never to be short of inspiration and motivation with Choice House. Find out more by calling Choice House today at (720) 577-4422