What Are Some Must-Dos in Boulder, Colorado?


For the uninitiated, a cursory view of addiction recovery treatments and rehab centers might have you convinced that it is all work, work, work and no play. It might even be a little intimidating with all the talk about learning new coping mechanisms, improving self care, and undergoing different varieties of therapeutic treatment methods. 

We want to take a moment to assure readers that not all of addiction recovery is work. Even though patients in early recovery may experience a steeper learning curve, that does not mean there is not time to stop and enjoy the newfound sobriety that they have worked so hard to achieve and maintain. 

A huge part of maintaining sobriety is learning how to enjoy life without substance use and the best way to do that is to get out of the classroom and explore your surroundings. For Choice House, that means exploring the beautiful and scenic area of Boulder County, Colorado. Choice House is ideally located just minutes from the bustling city life of Louisville with the Rocky Mountain State Park literally in its backyard. Recovery patients can enjoy outdoor activities or explore the outdoors while reconnecting with nature. Patients also have the liberty to take advantage of the work, entertainment, and social opportunities that the city has to offer.

For family members that may visit or for individuals that have either completed their 90 day inpatient programs or are taking part in outpatient services, we have included a quick guide on our favorite, must-see attractions in Boulder, Colorado. (Note that this is being written during the COVID-19 pandemic and that, due to quarantine measures and restrictions that are in place, some of the activities on this list may not be open to the public at this time. We urge all individuals to exercise the appropriate caution by practicing social distancing, following local health measures, and only exploring Boulder, Colorado in a safe and responsible way.)

The Great Outdoors

Boulder, Colorado features some of the best hiking areas in the United States. One of the highlights is the Chautauqua Park, just minutes southwest of Boulder. Here you will find some easier hiking trails, each of which presents its own gorgeous vistas. There are also a number of local events popping up around Chautauqua Park that you may also enjoy.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can take the hike to the Boulder Flatirons, the slabs of green mountain rock that serve as the background for many photos of the city. The Flatirons, numbered one through five, are most visible on a hike that can take anywhere from two hours to half a day.

Live Music at Red Rocks

That’s right. A single venue gets its own category. The historic concert venue known simply as Red Rocks is an open amphitheater that is built into a rock wall formation. Located just outside of Boulder, the amphitheater has been designated a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service as well as being named as America’s best amphitheater by RollingStone Magazine. Aside from the amazing shows and sound, the structure itself, a mixture of nature and modern architecture, is enough of a marvel to go out of your way to see. 

Culture Stop

A trip would not be complete without a stop to view the street performers at the Pearl Street Mall, a hub of Boulder city life. The Pearl Street Mall remains one of the city’s highlights with an outdoor shopping area complete with restaurants, live music, and shops that stretch all the way from 8th to 20th street in downtown Boulder. The shops consist of local boutiques as well as big box retailers. Whilelthough the shopping may not be what it once was, the walk remains pleasant and the culinary selection can not be beat.

If it is a more sophisticated art crowd you are looking for, then be sure to check out the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMOCA). The BMOCA, located in downtown Boulder, presents contemporary art from local, national, and international artists and remains at the cutting edge forefront of the art world. 


If you or someone you love is actively seeking treatment for addiction and substance misuse in the Boulder, Colorado area, Choice House is ideally situated to help. We offer men the opportunity to achieve and maintain sobriety through 90 day inpatient services, an intensive outpatient program, or our sober living campus. Choice House is ideally situated in Boulder County, Colorado at the footsteps of the Rocky Mountain National Park and just a twenty minute drive from the busier city life of Louisville. That means recovery patients get the solitude and tranquility of untouched nature while also having access to the types of opportunities, work, and social life, that are afforded individuals who live in the city.  We offer a variety of traditional and alternative therapeutic modalities to help men not only achieve sobriety but also learn how to maintain their newfound sober lifestyle. Taking full advantage of our close proximity to the Rocky Mountains, we provide a unique wilderness outdoor therapy in which men share in outdoor activities and create lasting bonds as they reconnect with nature and their humanity. All of our efforts are to help men reconnect with themselves by creating a new foundation of love and empathy on their path toward recovery. If Choice House’s list of programs intrigues you or you simply want to talk about your options when it comes to addiction recovery, give us a call at (720) 577-4422.

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