Top 5 Podcasts for Addiction Recovery

For the overwhelming majority of patients, recovery from addiction will be a life-long process that consists of a variety of treatment methods to maintain long-term sobriety. Any co-occurring mental health issues should also be treated in addition to substance use disorders. Although initial treatment methods involving detox and extended stays in rehab facilities lean more toward traditional medical treatment, ongoing treatment might focus more on a shift in lifestyle and behavior. 


One of the best treatment methods, especially in early recovery, will be an immersion into the culture of the recovery community. Recovery meetings are a great way to become more involved, but patients can also access many tools from the comfort of their homes. Listening to podcasts that cover the topic of addiction recovery can help. 


What Are Podcasts?


Podcasts are recorded audio sessions that can be downloaded or streamed online at any time. Podcasts are to radio what streaming television programs and movies are to cable TV. Most programs will follow an episodic formula offering opinions, stories, or even guest interviews. The beauty of podcasts is that they offer more point-specific audio broadcasts that can cover various topics that include addiction recovery. Audience members can start and stop at their own pace and listen anywhere and anytime. They no longer have to wait for a specific broadcast time and potentially miss out. The majority of podcasts are free with limited, unintrusive advertisements.


How Podcasts Can Help Promote Long-Term Sobriety


Podcasts covering the topic of recovery can help bring a sense of community while offering helpful advice and tips on the process from experienced individuals actively in recovery. One of the founding tenants of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is the community-based treatment of substance use disorders and peers helping peers promote long-term sobriety. Podcasts offer an extension of that community by providing an informed opinion and experiential advice. Addiction can be an isolating disease, but so can recovery. Being isolated and different from most individuals can lead to feelings of isolation and depression, and recovery podcasts are a great tool to alleviate those feelings of isolation.


Most recovery podcasts offer tips and life lessons about the treatment process, generally from the first-hand experience of the host or guest appearances. The more informed patients are about their addictive disorder, the better they will handle triggering scenarios when they occur in real life, and podcasts are an excellent source for a wealth of information.


Aside from treatment-oriented benefits, podcasts also may provide some pure entertainment value. Hearing a humorous anecdote from an individual in recovery turns a cringe-worthy incident like relapsing into a learning experience that all can laugh about. Authenticity is the key to finding a podcast that will speak to you, and here are five of our favorites.


Top 5 Recovery Podcasts


  • That Sober Guy: A newer podcast that is very representative of the “real talk” often referenced among men in recovery. Host Shane Ramer is actively in recovery from alcohol disorder, and he spends the podcast sharing stories of sobriety. The topics covered range from finding sponsors in AA to interviews with a variety of guests, from everyday people to celebrities, who have experienced addiction firsthand. With millions of downloads, “That Sober Guy” is one of the top recovery podcasts you can check out. 

  • The Bubble Hour: “The Bubble Hour” is a podcast with more than 200+ episodes hosted by Jean McCarthy.  In each episode, Jean interviews guests with a focus on sobriety and addiction recovery today. Jean McCarthy is in recovery and has been sober since 2011. Many of her talks focus on removing much of the stigma and denial that is so often associated with alcohol use disorder. 

  • Recovery Happy Hour: This podcast is just that — a virtual, sober-based happy hour. Tricia Lewis is the host who initially gained sobriety from alcohol in November 2016. No more FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) when it comes to missing those after-work happy hour sessions with co-workers. Each episode of her podcast lets you listen in as she and her guests discuss various recovery-related topics, including how to maintain full-time work in recovery and sober dating. 

  • Recovery Elevator: “The Recovery Elevator” is another popular podcast with over 300 episodes tackling the subject of addiction recovery. The elevator in the title references the ups and downs of recovery with an emphasis on overcoming the difficult downs of sobriety and enjoying those fleeting ups. The podcast also provides useful tips to help maintain long-term sobriety in daily life. 


Recovering from an addictive disorder with co-occurring mental health issues is a life-long process that often feels like an uphill battle. Any patient in recovery must utilize every tool at their disposal and recovery podcasts are just one of many. If you or someone you love needs treatment for an addictive disorder, Choice House has dual-diagnosis programs that can help. We offer men the opportunity to achieve initial sobriety and learn the necessary skills to maintain sobriety. We utilize many therapeutic modalities to better treat the addictive disorders of each individual as well as prepare patients to re-enter their lives as sober individuals. Located in the Boulder County area of Colorado, our programs include a 90-day inpatient service, an intensive outpatient program, and the chance to reside at our sober living campus. Each program is designed for men to build their new, sober foundation based on love and empathy while creating a lasting recovery community for ongoing treatment. For more information regarding Choice House’s programs or facilities, please call +1-303-578-4977.

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