Supporting a Spouse Through Addiction Recovery

Drug and alcohol abuse can be extremely detrimental to marriages and family. The financial, emotional and mental burden caused by an addiction oftentimes affects the spouse the most. When someone who struggles with addiction chooses to begin an addiction recovery program, it can be a huge relief for that person’s spouse.


If your spouse is undergoing addiction recovery at our Boulder drug treatment center, here are few ways you can support them throughout this process:


Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Strong communication is the key to any healthy relationship. Maintain open lines of communication throughout the recovery process and beyond to help identify what your spouse needs during this time and what both of your goals are for the relationship.


Avoid the Blame Game

If your spouse has made the effort to begin recovery, they are likely aware of the pain their addiction has caused. Adding to the guilt or shame they are already feeling will only hinder the recovery progress rather than support it.


Learn About the Addiction Recovery Process

Making an effort to understand what your spouse will be going through is crucial for supporting them through this process. Educate yourself on the risk factors for relapse, help them create a relapse prevention plan and learn about the obstacles they have faced during their addiction.


Celebrate Your Spouse’s Recovery Accomplishments

When entering the addiction recovery process, your spouse is going through a major life adjustment. This takes extreme dedication and can be very difficult for them. One of the best ways to show support is to celebrate their recovery accomplishments. Mark their milestones of sobriety to point out how far they have come and show that you are proud of them.


Get to Know Your Spouse Again

After the tumultuousness caused by addiction, you may find yourself not even recognizing your own marriage. As your spouse moves further along in their recovery journey, take this time to get to know them again without the disruption caused by drugs and alcohol. Be prepared to have serious conversations about the future of your marriage and what you both want long-term.


Drug and alcohol addiction is one of the most difficult things a marriage can have to endure. If you or your spouse is struggling, know that there is hope for addiction recovery through Choice House’s drug treatment program. Contact us today at 720-577-4422 or to learn more.

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