How Does Doing Exercise You Love Help Recovery?

Exercise can bolster your recovery from addiction. You can benefit significantly from getting outdoors or indoors to spend time building strength and resilience, both physically and mentally. One of the tips for success in sticking to an exercise routine is to find things that you love to do. When you find a fun activity or a challenging practice, you can ensure that you will want to complete your exercise. You want to avoid feeling like you are completing a chore. Though you may have days when getting active are more complicated than others, you can enhance your recovery by finding an exercise you love.

Expanding Your Horizons

You can make exercise fun by exploring your options when seeking new activities. You might also find joy if you consider inviting a friend along on your new adventures. At Choice House, we offer unique challenges for you to embark upon in your recovery. You can discover passions from engaging in outdoor activities with your peers in recovery. Choice House has plenty of opportunities to get out and exercise, such as:

  • Hiking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Fishing
  • Disc Golf
  • Kickball 
  • Cross-country and downhill skiing
  • Snow Shoeing

Many of these activities can include outbound and extended treks to challenge you in the wilderness. When you engage in these fun activities with new friends, you might discover a love of exercise when encompassing all of the benefits of outdoor therapy. Connecting with others and sharing passions is a great way to find fun in your exercise routines. 

Indoor Exercising

While getting out in nature can help you challenge yourself and cultivate a deepened perspective, the great outdoors may not be accessible daily for exercise. Although just taking a walk around the block or in a nearby park can boost your mood, you may want to think about some indoor activities as well. There are several options to explore for indoor exercising – there are even various options that require no workout equipment. 

Exercise programs are accessible on the internet. Several videos exist on YouTube, with trainers working through routines as you follow along. If you are new to exercise, search for beginner programs to get started and take your time! While you are not interacting with a person in real-time, the trainers online are often upbeat and encouraging in their videos!

A great way to get exercise is to join a gym. Many gyms have re-opened as the pandemic has affected their ability to open during the spring and summer. You can find a friend to join a gym with or go when convenient for yourself. If you are new to a gym, ask a staff member to show you around – they might even have trainers to help you establish a routine based on your goals.

Indoor sports may be the best option for some people. Not everyone enjoys working out with cardio or weight training programs. You may want to look up group meet-ups for sports, like indoor soccer, dodgeball, volleyball, basketball, or bowling. The current pandemic might limit these programs’ availability; however, you might find some safe places to play.

Yoga and other exercise classes are largely popular. Many gyms and communities offer yoga classes – instructors even hold some classes in libraries or churches! Exercise classes can help you meet new people as you find fun and healthy ways to stay fit.

Exercise and Recovery

You can gain a lot of value from exercise in your recovery program. In addition to getting into shape, you can:

  • Make new friends
  • Alleviate stress
  • Build mental toughness and resiliency
  • Gain confidence
  • Build self-esteem
  • Have fun!

These exercise benefits can help you find new ways of enjoying your life when you are clean and sober. You can think of recovery as replacing old habits with new healthy routines. Exploring exercise can help you find something fun and beneficial to engage in during your day.

Dealing With the Tough Days

While finding an exercise routine you love can help you stick to your program with better success, you may struggle to get through some days. Remember that you might feel unmotivated or feel like exercise is a chore. Keep perspective on how you feel after you exercise. Most people report feeling much better following some form of exercise. The biggest obstacle tends to be getting started. Some days, you may feel tired and need a break as you adjust to your new routine. When you maintain consistency, you will yield the best results, so take time to explore your options and find new activities to enhance your recovery!


Finding an exercise routine to bolster your recovery can help you find healthy activities for fun and enjoyment. Recovery is about finding new habits to replace your old ones. Getting into exciting new activities can boost your mood and introduce you to like-minded individuals. You can find new passions and build new friendships by meeting up with people for hikes or sports. It’s no secret that exercise has multiple benefits to your overall health and wellness. You can build self-esteem and self-confidence as you get yourself into better shape. Exercise releases “feel-good” chemicals in your brain that can reduce stress and help you cultivate a positive outlook in life. Choice House is here to help if you are dealing with an addiction and are ready for a change. We have an extensive outdoor therapy program to help men discover the passion and excitement of the outdoors in recovery. Call us today at (720) 577-4422 to get started in your recovery!

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