How Can I Be Helpful In A Time of Crisis?

Lend a hand in recovery

We are now a couple of months out from the onset of the Coronavirus outbreak and resulting pandemic. Since then, a lot has changed in our lives. We have lost a source of income or had to adapt to a new way of earning it. Our families have experienced challenges, and we have pulled our hair while dealing with the stress of staying indoors. There have been many complications and problems we have had to tackle, and there will probably be more down the line. That is just the nature of these kinds of situations and events. But while there have been plenty of issues related to COVID-19, it has also provided us an opportunity to shine. We refer to those of us who have dealt with mental illness and come out on the other side. 

We’ve Been Here Before

This isolation we felt throughout these weeks and months has been unlike anything most people ever experience. Still, we have been there, and we have felt the loneliness that can cripple a person. We know the toll that our mental health can take on our wellbeing, we know how to adapt to our situation to help ourselves be the best us possible, and we know how to handle these times when our brains feel like they are misfiring on all cylinders. Times like these show our ability to be leaders and to be the kind of example people are looking for guidance. This is when we can step up and be the leaders that people are looking for. 

Time to Step Up

In our journey through recovery, we learned many different ways to cope with our mental health and the various issues that come with it. We were at the bottom of our respective barrels, and we were able to climb our back out into the light. During those times, we always felt that constant feeling of dread and oppression. We felt like we were drowning in our emotions, and we could not escape them. Now, that same kind of feeling is back in our lives with the virus dominating the headlines. Even after all is said and done and we have gotten through to the other side, it is still going to be something we hear about for a long time. That kind of constant presence in our lives means that it’s always on our minds, just as our initial mental illness was. So we know how to navigate this event, and we know the tools we need since we already learned them in our recovery program. We can share these solutions right now with those dealing with those emotions for the first time. We can educate them on how to get proper exercise to alleviate mental conditions, practice proper breathing, meditation, and other kinds of spiritual resources to help ourselves get through this. 

Separate But United

In our recovery programs, we learned about the importance of community. While the literal gathering of society is limited right now, the metaphorical meaning remains. In times like these, it is more important than ever to come together as humans to get through this. This is what we learned in recovery. We learned how to connect with people, support each other, and carry ourselves through the darkness. We know how to build the bridges that matter, build the relationships that matter, and know how to keep those relationships healthy and thriving. We have been able to develop our own support systems, so it is only natural for us to show others how to do the same. Just as we were taught, this is the time for us to teach others, and help spread the love and education that we need. It has become second nature to us, and we know how to value the people in our lives. That is something that we all need during crises like this. 

We don’t have to let our experiences be just a black spot in our lives. We can use that experience to help others. Things we experience, like this coronavirus pandemic, are those moments when we can use what we went through for good. We know the tools people can use to cope with their growing mental distress, and we know the importance of building community. We know the ways to help our mental health thrive in dire times. Our world is a crazy place, and this won’t be the last time it throws us for a loop, but that doesn’t mean we have to be knocked down by it. 

If you are struggling with anxiety or mental illness, do not hesitate to contact the team here at Choice House. Quarantine has been a big stressor when it comes to mental illness and addiction. You may find yourself struggling and finding it difficult to navigate on your own. If you’re ready to start the journey of recovery, Choice House can provide you with the structure you need to get going. As addicted people, we’ve often fought for years to assert our independence. However, when we get sober, we often find we can’t do it on our own, and we need to reach out for help. Whether 12-step recovery is the correct format for you or you prefer a different approach, you’ll find the compassionate, experienced care you need. Call us today at (720) 577-4422 to learn more.