Why Gender-Specific Long-Term Treatment is the Best Option

The drug addiction recovery process should be a time of healing, growth and creating a new foundation for a sober life. When entering our Denver area treatment center, we make sure our members have ideal conditions for beginning that journey. One of the components of our addiction recovery program is gender-specific long-term treatment. Male-only drug treatment is beneficial for a number of reasons – here are just a few:


Drug Addiction Affects Men and Women’s Chemical Makeup Differently

Even before entering rehab, men and women likely have very different experiences when using drugs and alcohol. The contrasts in chemical makeup, weight, etc. cause men and women to feel differently and engage in different behaviors during substance abuse. These unique reactions greatly impact the type of treatment men and women should receive.


Men Have Different Reasons for Starting Drug Use Than Women Do

Studies suggest that men frequently begin abusing drugs and alcohol because of the benefits they think they’ll receive from using, whereas women’s substance abuse is typically rooted in their desire to escape pain or past traumas. While there are certainly some similarities and men and women’s reasons, treating drug addiction through gender-specific programs helps better ensure that each individual’s psychological needs will be met and understood.


Participants Will Be More Comfortable Expressing Emotions

No matter how you slice it, it can be extremely difficult for men to express feelings and vulnerability around women. However, feeling safe to share complicated emotions without judgment is a crucial part of the drug recovery process. We strongly encourage emotional vulnerability in our Boulder IOP and other recovery programs.


Foster Deeper Bonding Over Common Experiences

At Choice House, we create a culture of brotherhood and unification that starts in our 90-day treatment program and continues during structured sober living and beyond. When men undergo drug and alcohol addiction treatment with just other men, they are able to develop strong bonds and feel unified over common experiences. This alliance is an essential part of the healing process and building a new post-recovery life.


Fewer Distractions in Gender-Specific Drug Treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction recovery should be a time of rediscovering self and finding healing from the pain of the past. When both genders are participating in one program, there is more opportunity for romantic distractions to arise. Leave the romance for a year or so after achieving sobriety – recovery is what really matters during treatment.


At our Boulder drug recovery treatment center, we focus on gender-specific addiction treatment for men have the most beneficial rehab experience possible. Learn more about our programs by contacting us at 720-577-4422 or hello@choicehouse.com.

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