Announcement: April 15, 2020

Essential Healthcare Workers In Colorado

Choice House, a residential program for men struggling with substance use and co-occurring mental health, recently learned that its staff members would be treated to a hot barbecue lunch by Brother’s BBQ, to recognize essential healthcare workers.

Among the less visible ranks of essential healthcare workers, Choice House clinicians, and support staff continue to provide a safe space supporting individuals in recovery during the coronavirus pandemic.

Pandemic or not, recovery from addiction and mental health without support is difficult and an intimidating endeavor. The coronavirus (COVID-19) further complicates matters for individuals struggling with substances as jobs are lost and feelings of isolation and uncertainty intensify. The situation is magnifying financial concerns and leaving them with more discretionary time in the day during a period when structure, routine, and connection are particularly needed. Now, more than ever, people struggling with substances need essential treatment resources.

Colorado Healthcare In Overtime With Addiction Treatment

Choice House healthcare professionals are working overtime to provide additional support and services during the stay-at-home order, knowing addiction treatment cannot be put on pause. The goal is to keep them strong and on their path to recovery. “The work we do here during this pandemic is more important than ever. We are already starting to see overdose rates increase. People need to know there are resources, they need to know recovery is possible. They need to know they belong somewhere. They need to feel they belong”. Jordan Hamilton, Executive Director, Co-Owner, Choice House.

Brothers BBQ and 103.5 The Fox (a Denver-based classic rock radio station) are treating 30 Choice House employees and men in their treatment program to a catered lunch this Thursday, April 16, 2020, at 11 AM at 6901 Lookout Road, Boulder CO, 80301.

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