Relationships and Recovery

Oh boy, that’s always the hard step — how to fix the relationships that have been damaged because of your addiction. So many of the 12 Steps are about you fixing your relationship with yourself — basically becoming honest with yourself about your shortcomings, accepting a higher power, and then learning to love yourself again. But when you get to the ones about making things right for those you have hurt, it can get tough. Remember, it took a long time to damage those relationships so no matter how good you are doing in your recovery, it will often take a long time to repair them. Especially if this isn’t your first go at recovery. Once you have identified the relationships worth saving — the ones with people who will support your recovery — it is worth the effort and patience to make those relationships healthy again because those are the people who will help you stay sober. Those are the people who truly care about you. And if there’s one thing that everyone in recovery knows, a good support system is worth its weight in gold.

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