How Long Should I Stay in Treatment?


It would be a huge comfort to recovery patients and their families, as well as a great boon to the addiction recovery medical community, if there were a single, definitive method of treatment for substance use disorders. Much of the struggle in addiction recovery could be resolved if a doctor could reset your addiction the same they reset broken bones. Unfortunately, addictive disorders are not as simple as mending a broken bone. While medical and psychological advancements in understanding addiction disorders and co-occurring mental health issues have made great strides in the diagnosing and treating of substance use disorders, there is no definitive length of time for treatment to be successful and recovery is often a life-long process. 

While addiction cannot simply be cured, it will get easier to deal with. If addictive disorders had to be compared to another medical illness, they would probably be more akin to an allergy or auto-immune disorder, lifelong illnesses that can be managed through a combination of treatment, therapy, coping techniques, and proper self-care. If you are struggling with addiction or co-occurring mental health issues, the first steps to recovery are getting a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Benefits of 90 Day Inpatient Treatment

There are a number of different treatment options for addressing addiction and other mental health conditions, such as inpatient treatment, outpatient programs, and sober living campuses. Inpatient treatment programs are often the best for jump-starting change in your life and usually require you to stay in treatment for 30, 60, or 90 days. While effective treatment depends on the needs of the client and how long they can afford to be away from home, inpatient programs have the benefit of allowing you the opportunity to focus solely on improving yourself during the course of the program. Based on the proven results that our programs have had in the lives of patients. Choice House recommends and utilizes a 90 day treatment for intensive inpatient services. 

A 90 day treatment program not only allows patients to achieve that initial sobriety, it also affords them the time to work on the underlying co-occurring mental health issues that are fueling their substance misuse, while also developing the necessary coping skills to avoid triggers and prevent potential relapse. It takes time for new, healthy habits to take root, and the longer you stay in rehab developing these habits, the more likely you are to continue them once you return to your independent life after rehab. You have had a lifetime to develop addictive habits and tendencies, so we feel that it’s only natural for you to take the necessary 90 days to address and correct those destructive habits. 

Transitioning Into Sober Life Takes Time

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), addiction recovery has a startling  40-60 percent rate for relapse. Even though a 30 or 60 day program can provide similar treatment methods as a 90 day inpatient program, the rate for relapses has been proven to be significantly lower for recovery patients the longer they stay in inpatient treatment. In that time, there are family therapy sessions available to help resolve any issues at home, cognitive behavioural therapies are used to address and reframe negative thought patterns and behaviors that are often at the root of addiction, and important life skills such as budgeting, diet, or even anger management can be taught, learned, and practiced.

A 90 day inpatient program allows patients to settle into their newfound sobriety by giving recovering addicts the time and space necessary to sort through the underlying problems that might have fueled their substance use. It provides time to undergo various therapeutic modalities that can help uncover potential triggers and give patients the opportunity to develop coping skills to help manage triggers and prevent relapse. Most importantly, the extended 90 days provides enough time for recovery patients to create lasting bonds with other patients in recovery and develop an extended addiction recovery support network. 

Transitioning into an independent sober lifestyle is the goal of any treatment for an addiction disorder no matter the length of time you choose for your initial treatment. Choice House’s 90 day inpatient treatment program improves recovery patients’ chances of avoiding relapse by giving them the skills and time to learn how to maintain their sobriety.


If you are looking for inpatient services to treat your substance misuse and addictive disorder, Choice House’s 90 day treatment service may be the right program for you. Located in Boulder County, Colorado, Choice House provides dual diagnosis treatment for men with addiction disorders and co-occurring mental health issues. We utilize a variety of therapeutic modalities to not only help recovering addicts achieve sobriety but maintain that sobriety in the long term. Some of those therapeutic modalities include more traditional approaches like behavioral therapy, 12-step programs, and group or individual therapy sessions. We also take full advantage of our close proximity to the Rocky Mountain State Park by offering outdoor, wilderness therapies to help men learn healthier habits and create meaningful friendships that support a long term sober lifestyle. In addition to 90 day inpatient services, Choice House also offers an intensive outpatient program as well as a sober living campus where an active community of men in recovery help each other transition into their new and independent sober life. If you have been looking to enter addiction recovery treatment, Choice House has the experience and well-trained staff to help guide you on the path to addiction recovery. For more information, callus  at (720) 577-4422.

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