10 ways to make the most of nature therapy

Nature therapy, also known as ecotherapy, has become an increasingly popular way to improve one’s mental and physical health. After all, spending time outdoors has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, as well as enhance overall well-being — all of which are beneficial for those in addiction recovery. However, to get the most…

how DBT can teach us to cope with painful emotions

All too often, we feel the need to bottle up our emotions and keep everything inside. But when those emotions become too overwhelming, we might fall back on unhealthy habits or behaviors like substance abuse to help us cope, jeopardizing our sobriety. At Choice House, we use evidence-based techniques like dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) to…

how wilderness therapy is used in addiction recovery

When most people think about addiction treatment, they probably picture a residential rehab facility, support groups and near-constant therapy sessions. These things are common (and important) in substance abuse recovery, but it turns out there’s a lot more to getting sober than sitting inside all day to talk about your feelings. Or at least, there…

how to celebrate valentine’s day in recovery & have fun

When you’re in recovery, your primary focus should be on yourself. That’s why most addiction professionals recommend that you don’t date for at least one year after getting sober. You’ll already be facing major challenges and changes in your life during this time, and adding a new relationship on top of everything else can be…

what is an intervention & how to know if your loved one needs it?

Addiction is a lot like any other disease — it is complex, chronic and tends to get worse over time. You wouldn’t avoid seeing a doctor for heart disease or cancer, and getting treatment as soon as possible is just as important for properly diagnosing and managing a substance abuse disorder. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always…

how the pandemic made outdoor therapy mainstream

Before COVID-19, in-person therapy sessions were the norm. But afterward, the risk of infection became too high in a confined space, so many providers turned to teletherapy instead to treat certain conditions. Although this approach works and is vitally needed to bridge the gap in mental health care, like all things, it isn’t necessarily right…

new year’s resolutions for individuals in addiction recovery

As the new year begins, it’s a time to reflect on who we want to be and what goals we want to achieve. But for those in addiction recovery, New Year’s resolutions are more than just a fun tradition — they can be an important tool that helps maintain long-term sobriety. To that end, it’s…

Recovering What’s Been Lost Pt 2

How Justin Found Sobriety, Community and More at Choice House: Part 2 Justin had struggled with addiction ever since high school. From his very first drink, he felt like he’d found the answer to all of his fears and anxieties about the future. He then started experimenting with other drugs and within a few years,…

Recovering What’s Been Lost

How Justin Found Sobriety, Community and More at Choice House: Part 1 If you knew exactly how you were going to die, wouldn’t you do anything to stop it? Most of us don’t have that privilege, but 23-year-old Justin did. He’s not a psychic, isn’t terminally ill and doesn’t have any dangerous enemies that he’s…

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