90-Day Treatment – What to Expect

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When it comes to embracing a healthy, sober future, it is completely natural to experience many uncertainties. Choice House in Colorado provides a 90-day rehab program for substance abuse and a structured, community-focused, compassionate environment to begin a new life following drug addiction. Our Boulder drug addiction rehab treatment and therapy program allows those who have struggled with addiction and alcoholism to practice sober living and find brotherhood and purpose in the beautiful setting of Boulder and the Rocky Mountains.

Here are just a few things to expect when entering into our 90-day drug addiction treatment program.

Organized Daily Routine

A large part of overcoming alcohol addiction and drug addiction is sticking to a structured, purpose-driven daily routine. Every activity of the day is broken into distinct time periods, so participants can rediscover a sense of normalcy and accomplishment on a daily basis.

Physical & Outdoor Activities in Treatment

Our primary Colorado 90-day rehab program for substance abuse places great emphasis on physical activity and experiencing the healing power of the Colorado outdoors. Every morning includes one hour of gym time to get motivated for the day. Furthermore, participants spend ample time engaging in an outdoor therapy activity twice a week.

Balance of Personal and Group Therapy

The brotherhood formed at Choice House is a key element in attaining a sober lifestyle, which is why we find it so important to form these strong ties. However, we also recognize that each person is on their own journey that is unique to their life circumstances. Our Boulder, Colorado 90-day rehab program for substance abuse gives equal attention to individual and group therapies.

We Delve Deep into Issues

Our many alcohol and drug therapy sessions are specifically focused on multiple areas of Boulder sober living and the recovery process. The Choice House team has identified numerous topics related to addiction and long-term sobriety that are crucial to the success of our men.

For a more thorough look at Boulder sober living and our drug treatment program in Colorado, contact Jordan Hamilton at jordan@choicehouse.com.

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